Bio: Vibe House Records


Vibe House Records is a place for promising young musicians to call home. We’re more than just a label. By tearing down the walls separating talent, we strive to create an open space where their creativity can flourish collectively.

In addition to publishing and distribution, artist development lies at the foundation of the Vibe House model. Our Atlanta, Georgia label headquarters is equipped to aid in the recording process without the closed-off rooms of traditional studios.

Although we don’t restrict ourselves to any single genre, Vibe House Records only signs artists with the potential to become superstars. Far too many unpolished gems go overlooked by major record labels. We pride ourselves on identifying such talent and providing the necessary resources to help them realize their full potential.

Vibe House was originally founded in Asheville, North Carolina in 2011 by Michael Barnier, a Berkely-trained music producer. He had planted roots in the Atlanta hip-hop scene during its mid-2000s heyday, so he eventually relocated his business operations there. The company took different forms in the years to follow before ultimately rebranding as Vibe House Records in 2016.

By the beginning of 2017, Vibe House had gained the necessary momentum for its vision to take shape. The caliber of artists we look for now find their way into our ranks organically, enabling us to forge partnerships that will not only lead to the longevity of our brand but that of their own careers as well.

To that end, we pride ourselves heavily on the development of our artists. For each of them, the quality of their releases exhibits an upward trajectory after being signed to our label. We also help them navigate the complex and ever-evolving recording industry, providing them with valuable insight and guidance.

After all, we handle all of our business with the Vibe House mission in mind. The music industry can be a cold, disillusioning place, which only hampers the creativity of  many of its brightest minds. Both literally and figuratively, we strive to create a place where such artists can come together and work towards succeeding as a whole. With a little luck, the sounds of Atlanta’s evolving musical identity will take shape in under the roof of the Vibe House.

Vibe House Records is in talks to expand its talent roster greatly in 2017 and beyond. No matter the style of music, you can expect the utmost quality from the numerous releases that we’re gearing up to share with the world.


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