Development of Building to House Tresor’s Detroit Sister Club Begins


Berlin techno nightclub Tresor shares a 25-year connection to Detroit, and that bond is about to get a whole lot stronger. The club’s owner, Dimitri Hegemann, had announced plans to expand to the Motor City this past August. Now, the Packard Plant Project has officially commenced, meaning that the dilapidated structure that will house his new venture is undergoing the necessary renovations.

From its 1991 grand opening, Tresor had taken countless cues from the Detroit techno scene. According to the Tresor website the venue’s sound was set up with Detroit DJs in mind, and many of the genre’s seminal figures have been booked to perform there over the years.

Being that Hegemann and some other investors had locked down the space mere months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tresor became symbolic of Germany’s unification. The club’s overnight popularity enabled Hegemann to expand the brand to include a record label within the year. While that big of a paradigm shift is unlikely to coincide with the opening of Tresor’s sister club in Detroit, the widened channels between both cities’ music scenes that will surely result is enough cause for celebration.

However, the development necessary for the opening of the new nightclub is part of the fourth phase of the renovation proposal, which is projected to begin in 2018. In the meantime, the Packard Plant Project has uploaded photos of the operations taking place in and around the structure to their website.

Source: Resident Advisor
mage credit: Packard Plant Project

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