German “Post Techno” Producer Robert Henke Cancels US Dates Following Immigration Ban


Artists from every shade of the electronic music spectrum have voiced outrage over President Donald Trump‘s controversial immigration ban, but few have acted on it as of yet. Robert Henke A.K.A. Monolake appears to be among the first. The Berlin-based “post techno” DJ and producer has announced that he will cancel all upcoming U.S. tour dates.

Trump’s decision to ban over 218 million from entry into the U.S. spurred insurmountable public outcry on Saturday, and prompted the likes of deadmau5Boys Noize and GRiZ to speak out. While Henke’s announcement made no direct reference to Trump or the ban, it is widely speculated to be a response to the extreme policy change.

Henke has carved out a niche as one of the more innovative names in electronic music for his unique synthesis of styles like techno, breakbeat, ambient and glitch. Many of his productions consist of little more than ambient noise itself, with no discernible chord progression or traditional arrangement.

The British DJ Dave Clarke had announced that he would not renew his U.S. work visa because of Trump’s policies a week ago, but Henke is the first to publicly announce that he would do so because of the immigration ban itself. Nonetheless, now that the weekend is over similar responses are likely to emerge from the global electronic music community.

Source: Resident Advisor

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