Occultists Unveil Sophomore Release, Book Of Shadows Vol 1


Berlin techno imprint Occultists‘ latest release lives up to the outfit’s subversive motif. Five artists contributed intelligently executed soundscapes to Book Of Shadows Vol. 1, which explores the darkest corners of the minimal techno spectrum.

The compilation begins with “Ami” by Adra, whose dissonant harmonics artfully fill the space framed by its keenly textured percussive elements. “Heart of War” by Dugong and “Old Majick” by Occultists label head James Demon himself exhibit markedly more melody but are still a far cry from what could be called “club friendly. F600 delivers a particularly sterile concept in the form of “CH2-CH2,” and the syncopated drum patterns of Zoid^‘s “Freak” step outside of the confines of the techno genre without betraying the artistic statement of the Occultists brand.

Demon came to work with each of the producers featured on the compilation through different circumstances. He met Adra while both of them were teenagers in the underground nightlife scene of Las Vegas, and approached Zoid^ after witnessing the duo’s engaging stage show during their performance at an event in Berlin.

Book Of Shadows Vol. 1 came out on May 14th and marked Occultists’ sophomore release since Dugong’s 2016 EP Dead Man Rising. Unless the minds  behind fledgling label plan to ramp up releases in the near future, minimal techno enthusiasts can expect a follow-up sometime in 2018.

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