The BPM Festival Breaks Silence to Postpone Brazil Expansion


EDIT: A previous version of this article said that both the Brazil and Portugal editions of The BPM Festival would be postponed, when in fact the Portugal edition will still take place. The passage has been edited and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

More bad news from The BPM Festival has found its way to the public. A month after a shooting claimed the lives of four attendees and six members of the Playa del Carmen gathering’s security staff on the final evening of its 2017 installment, organizers have issued a follow-up statement to announce the cancellation of its Brazil edition.

In the days following the tragedy, BPM Staff had revealed that the festival would no longer take place in Playa del Carmen after 2017. They’ve now followed it up with a post to The BPM Festival Facebook page:

The information in the most recent statement differs curiously from that of the first. On January 17th organizers purported that four had died, three of whom were BPM staff – but the Facebook post lists the names of six who passed away, claiming that only two of them were members of the staff.

The BPM Festival’s organizers have not announced whether a 2018 edition will take place at another location as of this writing.

Source: Dancing Astronaut

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