Watch: Derrick May, Carl Cox, Sasha Appear in Trailer for Acid House Documentary


Acid house is among the more classic styles of dance music to see a resurgence in recent years. Perhaps recognizing this, film director Gordon Mason has unveiled a feature-length documentary titled They Call It Acid – and its official trailer teases interview segments with the likes of Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Derrick May, Noel Gallagher and Carl Cox.

Acid house was the product of a happy accident that occurred while Chicago innovators DJ Pierre and the late DJ Spank-Spank were tinkering with a Roland TB-303 Bass Line in the early ’80s. The genre went on to catalyze something of a cultural revolution in the UK by the end of the decade, during which much of the footage that will appear in They Call It Acid was filmed.

In a statement posted to the film’s website, Mason wrote:

Every generation enjoys their formative years, I was lucky, I was 21 in 1988, old enough to have my freedom and young enough to enjoy the time of my life. Acid House was a culture that I naturally evolved into, in the mid 80s I was a part time DJ and full time Film Editor, I knew some of the first promoters and DJs, but I’m glad to say that I attended many of the first Acid House parties as a punter in the scene, not behind the scenes, being able to share that euphoric experience of dancing all night to House Music at an illegal party, a freedom which was at the time indescribable.

As the creators of They Call It Acid still require funding, they have yet to announce an official date for its release.

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