Aware Releases The Book of Wind LP, a 14-Track Ambient Odyssey


Aware unveils his long-awaited Glacial Movements debut today, February 28th. The Vienna producer has released 14 tracks of aural serenity in the form The Book of Wind LP, and they make for a fitting addition to the Italian label’s Arctic-inspired body of work.

The titles of each single on the effort tell a cryptic mythological tale when read in order of listing. Each consecutive song showcases a different iteration of Aware’s solitary style of composition, slowly transitioning while atmospheric elements paint a vivid mental picture in the listener’s mind.

Aware is the moniker of Alexander Glück, who writes monographs in the field of philosophy. The deliberate and symbolic nature of his music suggests that it’s an extension of his other works – and given the ambient genre’s more patient fan base it shows merit as a cross-discipline expression.

Aware’s The Book of Wind LP is available for stream and purchase via Glacial Movements’ Bandcamp page. See the full track list for the effort below:

The Book of Wind LP:

1) so he got up and ate and drank
2) and travelled forty nights
3) until he reached the mountain
4) there he went into a cave
5) and spent the night
6) a powerful storm tore the mountains apart
7) but god was not in the storm
8) after the storm there was an earthquake
9) but god was not in the earthquake
10) after the earthquake came a fire
11) but god was not in the fire
12) and after the fire came a gentle whisper
13) so he pulled his cloak over his face
14) and went out

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