Daft Punk to Play First Gig in Three Years Alongside The Weeknd


Rumors of upcoming Daft Punk dates spread far and wide last year, but what has finally been announced doesn’t live up to fans’ expectations. Instead of a new Alive tour announcement – or any tour announcement, for that matter – it has come to light that the French DJ duo will play alongside The Weeknd at the 2017 edition of The Grammys on February 12th.

Today, Tuesday the 31st, The Recording Academy announced that Daft Punk and The Weeknd would take the stage for what appears to be a one-off performance during the televised awards ceremony. As with other such high-profile appearances, what they deliver will likely be much more heavily rehearsed than what most longtime fans have hoped for.

After Daft Punk collaborated with The Weeknd on “Starboy” last year (which recently became the duo’s first Billboard #1 single), dubious breadcrumb trails led fans to believe that they were going to perform at festivals like Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and Coachella. In true Daft Punk fashion, neither the duo nor any of their representatives officially confirmed nor denied any of the rumors.

That being the case, it’s by no means set in stone that Daft Punk’s performance with The Weeknd at The Grammys will be their only public performance in 2017. At present, The Recording Academy has not announced that any other notable electronic music acts will make such ceremonious appearances.

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