Listen: Aphex Twin Uploads “tnodvood104” to SoundCloud


It looks like Aphex Twin might be revving up for another series of releases – that is, if his previous habits are any indicator. For now, at least, he’s uploaded a new single titled “tnodvood104” to his ever-spontaneous SoundCloud account.

Before you cue up this dissonant, experimental soundscape, keep in mind that you’ll be missing out if you don’t listen to it on a halfway decent system. A textured, rumbling bass line fills most of the space in the arrangement of “tnodvood104” with other sound effects and vocal refrains sparsely sprinkled in.

“tnodvood104” marks Aphex Twin’s first release since his June EP, Cheetah. He’s followed the bare-bones marketing approach that has become his modus operandi, refusing to accompany the song with any immediately visible social media or advertisement push.

With any luck, 2017 will see plenty more Aphex Twin tracks where “tnodvood104” came from. After playing his first U.S. gig in eight years at Day for Night Festival in Houston, Texas earlier in the month, he is slated to perform at Field Day 2017 at Victoria Park in London.

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