Listen: Jamie Peligro’s Meu Brazil EP Ranges from Dub Techno to Dubstep


Typically, dubstep and dub techno share only a prefix in common. Detroit DJ and producer Jamie Peligro has set out to challenge this preconception as his Meu Brazil EP seamlessly blends these styles and more into a rich and cohesive whole.

Songs like “Viva Viva” and “Vida Nocturna” feature the echoey synth work of dub techno, while “From Angola to Brazil,” “Querida” and the title track hold up the dubstep end of the spectrum. Each arrangement is infused with organic samples and elements of world music that they don’t contrast too sharply in the context of the EP.

Peligro drew from traditional Brazilian and Portuguese music when putting together the songs comprising the Meu Brazil EP. Perhaps the most evident example of these influences was his sampling of the Brazilian berimbau string instrument in “From Angola To Brazil.” Still, none of the songs betray his Detroit roots. Rather, the stylistic synthesis makes for a tasteful extension of the city’s celebrated dance music legacy.

Jamie Peligro’s Meu Brazil EP arrived by way of Aeronautic Records on March 3rd. To download each track of the EP via Beatport, click here.


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