Watch: deadmau5 Teases Updated Cube 2.0 Stage Setup


In 2016 deadmau5 unveiled the reincarnation of his famous Cube stage setup, and he closed out the year debuting version 2.1 of the concept. Even with festival season a whole two months out, he’s already begun working on a revamp.

The ‘mau5 uploaded three videos to his YouTube channel that show a glimpse of what the new Cube will be capable of. While some speculate that the the third video suggest that the physical model will feature protruding rectangular prisms, practically speaking it’s quite a bit more likely that the video was an early version of the one directly above and the rectangles eventually became light bursts.

Instead of using traditional computer aided design (CAD) software, deadmau5 had designed the Cube 2.0 using the Unreal Engine, which had been used in 3D shooter games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. As the title of the third video suggests, however, the new batch of renderings was made using Cinema4D.

deadmau5 has yet to disclose when the new Cube concept will make its official debut.

Source: Your EDM

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