Watch: Eric Prydz Plays ID Dedicated to James Lillo at Sound Nightclub


Eric Prydz graced the decks of Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles as the headlining act of a two-date cancer research fundraiser this past weekend. Among the videos that have surfaced from the past weekend is one of the Swedish progressive house icon playing a song dedicated to the recently deceased James Lillo.

Prydz had originally arranged for Lillo to be flown to L.A. to attend a one-night event on the 17th after learning about his struggles with stage four cancer. In a tragic turn of events, Lillo had succumbed to his illness and died within a week of the announcement.

Sound Nightclub and Eric Prydz’ management still went through with the event, whose proceeds will go to the Cancer Research Institute as Lillo had requested. In addition, Prydz announced that a second night would be added to raise even more money for the cause.


Now that the weekend has drawn to a close, a series of live streams and videos have emerged from Prydz’ performances. The Facebook page Festival Moments appears to have uploaded the most comprehensive footage – including an as-yet-unreleased ID that Prydz had produced specifically for Lillo.

After watching the video below, look out for the official release of the ID sometime in the months to follow.


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